Secure Borders and Immigration

Joe Biden has put illegal immigrants over the American people. Jan Morgan supports LEGAL immigration and believes there is a need for immigration reform.

Securing our border is a national security issue. Jan Morgan is the only candidate in this race who actually went to the border, providing Arkansans and all Americans an up-close live view,  exposing the truth. 

While the sitting incumbent U.S. Senator refers to the situation at the border as a “disturbing trend”, Jan Morgan is the only candidate in this race who calls it what it is, “An enemy invasion of our country.” 

Jan also called for the arrest of Joe Biden on charges of treason for aiding and abetting this invasion. Jan supports stronger enforcement of immigration laws, stiff penalties for violations, completion of the border wall, and ending all government entitlements that incentivize illegals to violate our immigration laws. 

Term limits

The U.S. Capitol is not a retirement home. Our Founding Fathers never intended for elected representatives to make a life-long career serving in government. Jan Morgan says politicians who STAY begin to STRAY. 


Jan supports term limits, so there is a consistent rotation of representation. Jan believes this will end the problem of career politicians who lose touch with their constituents and become servants of special interest.


Jan Morgan was the first candidate in this race to sign the Term Limits Pledge. Her opponent, who has served in the DC Swamp for 21 years, refuses to sign it.   



Jan is 100% Pro-Life. Unlike the incumbent, Jan WILL NOT vote to fund plan parenthood through appropriation bills as he has for the last 21 years.


Cutting taxes and regulations on Americans and corporations is paramount. This alleviates the burden here at home and makes us competitive on the global stage. Inflation, gas prices, and shortages that we see today were 100% preventable. 


The Biden Administrations' oppressive overreach in the lives of Americans and his constant reliance on foreign nations for food, goods, and energy has brought the Trump economy to a grinding halt.


As Senator, Jan will not support this Administration's war on the America First movement, the American family, and economic freedom. 


Jan supports cutting taxes for citizens and corporations. She will fight to reopen the pipelines and flood the Global markets with American oil, natural gas, and coal. 


The Second Amendment 

Jan Morgan received an “A” rating from the NRA and is  ENDORSED  by Gun Owners of Arkansas.

“The RIGHT to keep and bear arms is an inalienable RIGHT, not a government-issued PRIVILEGE.”- Jan Morgan.
Every Republican candidate claims to “support the 2nd Amendment,” however, Jan Morgan is the only candidate in this race with a proven record of FIGHTING for the gun rights of Americans.
Jan has been a national 2A advocate for over a decade, speaking in rallies across the country and appearing on national tv, debating anti-gun radicals.
She was one of only two women chosen to speak at the nationally televised Virginia Lobby Day 2nd Amendment rally on the steps of the Virginia State Capitol.
Well over 50 thousand people attended that rally.
She was also a speaker in Albany, New York, on the capitol's steps for a 2nd Amendment event that drew over 10 thousand people on the day legislators voted on the Safe Act.
Jan worked closely with Illinois Gun Owners Political Action Committee in their legal battle to restore carry rights for citizens of that state. 
Jan is the National Founder of 2AWomen, the fastest growing women’s group of gun rights advocates in America with chapters in every state.
2AWomen works closely with  Gun Owners of Arkansas to fight for gun rights for the people of Arkansas.