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 Gene Ho: Trump's 2016 campaign photographer 
author of the best selling book Trumpography 

Talking politics on capital view in Little Rock 


Our Constitutional Republic is under an unprecedented attack from within.


"Bought and paid for career politicians" are destroying this country. These political thugs in suits have SOLD OUT our country to the highest bidder. Foreign Governments are buying up America's politicians, land, businesses, farms, and institutions of higher education.


The Chinese Communist Party controls most of our media, supply chain, pharmaceuticals, and fiscal stability.


America's enemies target the foundation that supports this country; our Constitution and Bill of Rights, families, and way of life.


While this war rages, too many of our D.C. politicians (including my opponent) are missing in action, cowering in fear of losing the financial support of these tyrants who control their ability to be re-elected.


It is time for Americans to rise up and fight for our land. It is time for an AMERICAN REVIVAL.


 We need bold, aggressive fighters in D.C., not go along to get along, Career politicians.




I am the only candidate in this race with a PROVEN RECORD of successfully outmaneuvering The Biden Administration to get laws passed that protect Arkansans from federal unconstitutional overreach.

I have accomplished this in the areas of illegal immigration, election integrity, medical freedom, and gun rights.


I am ready to step into THIS ring at THIS time and fight THIS fight FOR YOU! 

Fighting for Trump in CNN enemy territory during the 2016 RNC.

Jan and Judge Jeanine Pirro speaking at the Bikers for Trump Rally during the inauguration.

Image by Harold Mendoza

General Michael Flynn And Roger Stone Endorsed